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Chiara Pugliese

Chiara Pugliese

Graduate Fellow

Chiara Pugliese is a graduate fellow at ISTI of CNR (Pisa). She has a master’s degree (2020) and a bachelor’s degree (2018) in Digital Humanities at the University of Pisa. During this time, she developed a particular interest in machine and deep learning. During her master’s degree, she applied deep learning methods to natural languages and social fields. Her current research topics include textual, heterogeneous and mobility data analysis with deep learning methods. 


Susanna Pelagatti, Chiara Pugliese, “Towards the early detection of the red flags of dysorthography in non-diagnostic settings”. In Proceedings of AIUCD 2021 – DHs for society: e-quality, participation, rights and values in the Digital Age, 19-21 January 2021, Pisa, Italy, ISBN 978-88-94253-55-9.