Research Projects

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Early – Grid – days: I spent my first year at CNR working in the FIRB Project. In particular, I designed and implemented a launch-time scheduling strategy that takes care of non-functional requirements related to computational capacity and network bandwidth. Since June 2006 I started to work in the EU GridCOMP Project. It was aimed at the research and development of a Grid Component Model (GCM) supporting the development of high-performance, distributed, component-based applications. I was involved in the research, design, and implementation of GCM support (later become standard ETSI TS 102 811) for enabling the model autonomic features. I contributed to the conception of the GCM in the context of the EU CoreGRID NoE. Since the second half of 2008, I worked also in the EU XtreemOS Project, aimed at the research and development of a Grid Operating System supporting the development of high performance, distributed, grid application. Since December 2008 I started to work also on peer-to-peer systems. In the context of these activities, ISTI and EPFL set up a collaboration aimed at the creation of a Peer-to-Peer Web Recommender system. The collaboration has been arranged by Dr. Raffaele Perego (the actual leader of HPC Lab) and Dr. Martin Rajman (the Director of the EPFL Center for Global Computing).

Cloud days begin: I have been working in the EU Contrail Project, the goal of the project was to design, implement, evaluate and promote an open-source system for Cloud Federations. As CNR we were mainly involved in the management in the federation of clouds. From June 2016 to July 2018 I served as Scientific Coordinator of the joint EU-South Korea H2020 BASMATI project. The project has been aimed at developing smart solutions for brokering cloud resources belonging to a widely distributed, heterogeneous, cross-continental cloud federation. In 2017 I have been visiting professor at Harokopio University of Athens for giving lessons related to resource management in BASMATI project. In the same year I also served as Program Co-chair for the International ParCo conference.

Current days: From January 2020 I am serving as Project Coordinator for the EU ACCORDION H2020 project and Innovation Coordinator for the EU TEACHING H2020 project.