About Me

Dear visitors, thanks to be here, I hope you will find my site pretty interesting. In this page I will try to shortly recap who I am.

I am Patrizio Dazzi, researcher at the Information Science and Technologies Institute (part of the Italian National Research Council) and I am interested to everything that has a strong relation with high performance computing and highly distributed systems.

Anyway, let’s start from the beginning. I graduated in Computer Science, with full marks, in 2003 at the University of Pisa. In the 2004 I completed at the same University the Master of Science in Computer Technologies with full marks (110/110). The topic of my Master Thesis was about the design and the development of JJPF, a Java-Jini based Parallel Framework. It consists in a reliable framework aiming straightforward development of task-parallel applications. The thesis was supervised by Prof. Marco Danelutto.

On March, 2005 I became a PhD Student of the Computer Science and Engineering PhD Program at IMT, the Lucca Insitute for Advanced Studies.

Since the April 1, 2005, I became also a graduate fellow at the Information Science and Technology Institute (ISTI), an institute of the Italian National Research Council. More in detail, I became a member of the High Performance Computing Laboratory HPC that at the time was headed by Dr. Domenico Laforenza.

I spent my first year at CNR working in the Grid.it FIRB Project. In particular, I designed and implemented a launch-time scheduling strategy that takes care non-functional requirements related to computational capacity and network bandwidth.

Since June 2006 I started to work in the GridCOMP Project. It was aimed at the research and development of a Grid Component Model (GCM) supporting the development of high-performance, distributed, component-based applications. I was involved on the research, design and implementation of GCM support for enabling the model autonomic features.

Since the second half of 2008 I worked also in the XtreemOS Project, aimed at the research and development of a Grid Operating System supporting the development of high performance, distributed, grid application.

On July 21, 2008 I completed my PhD with a thesis titled “Tools and Models for High Level Parallel and Grid Programming” supervised by Prof. Marco Danelutto.

Since December, 2008 I started to work also on peer-to-peer systems. In the context of this activities ISTI and EPFL set up a collaboration aimed at the creation of a Peer-to-Peer Web Recommender system. The collaboration has been arranged by Dr. Raffaele Perego (the actual leader of HPC Lab) and Dr. Martin Rajman (the Director of the EPFL center for Global Computing).

On October, 5th – 2009  I became a researcher at ISTI-CNR. Then, on December, 31st 2012 I got a permanent researcher position at ISTI-CNR.

Currently, I am working in the EU Contrail Project, the goal of the project is to design, implement, evaluate and promote an open source system for Cloud Federations. As CNR we are mainly involved in the management in federation of clouds.

Regarding the future, let me cite Lorenzo De Medici saying “…di doman non c’è certezza”.