Research Staff

Raffaele Perego (Senior Researcher, Lab Head) [web]
Emanuele Carlini (Researcher) [web]
Massimo Coppola (Researcher) [web]
Patrizio Dazzi (Researcher) [web]
Claudio Lucchese (Researcher) [web]
Franco Maria Nardini (Researcher) [web]
Chiara Renso (Researcher) [web]
Fabrizio Silvestri (Researcher, now at Facebook (London, UK)) [web]
Nicola Tonellotto (Researcher) [web]
Cristina Muntean (Postdoctoral Fellow) [web]

Research Associates

Gabriele Mencagli (Researcher at University of Pisa) [web]
Salvatore Orlando
(Associate Professor at University of Venice) [web]
Laura Ricci
(Researcher at University of Pisa) [web]
Rossano Venturini (Researcher at University of Pisa) [web]

Ph.D. Students

Matteo Catena (Gran Sasso Science Institute, L’Aquila) [web]
Mauro Coletto
(IMT Lucca)
Roberto Trani
(University of Pisa)
Salvatore Trani
(University of Pisa)

Former Ph.D. Students

Diego Ceccarelli now at Bloomberg L.P. (London)
Giuseppe Ottaviano
now at Facebook (San Francisco, US)
Diego Puppin now at Twitter (Boston, US)
Gianmarco De Francisci Morales now at QCRI (Doha, Qatar)
Hossein Vahabi (a.k.a. Puya) now at Pandora (San Francisco, USA)
Daniele Broccolo now at CLIQZ GmbH (Monaco, DE)
Gabriele Tolomei now at Yahoo labs (London, UK)