HPC Lab Workshop 2014

By admin | May 20, 2014

We are happily announcing the HPC Lab workshop 2014. Every two years, the High Performance Computing Lab of ISTI-CNR organizes a workshop to present a selection of the scientific results obtained, strengthen collaborations, and discuss future research lines.

Confirmed Guests so far (in random order): Fabio Crestani, Domenico Talia, Hugo Zaragoza, Domenico Laforenza, Paolo Ferragina, Roberto Grossi, Rocco De Nicola, Paolo Nesi, Andrea Passarella.

Below the detailed program of the event:

Monday, June 16th

Aula Faedo ISTI-CNR (edificio B, primo piano, ingresso 19 o 20).
Slides of the talks can be found here.
A very nice photo of the event can be found here.

Raffaele Perego: 09:30-10:00

Session 1: Information Retrieval & Data Mining
Claudio Lucchese, Diego Ceccarelli: 10:00-10:30, Playing with Learning to rank
Salvatore Orlando, Salvatore Trani, Diego Ceccarelli: 10:30-11:00, Entity Linking with Dexter
Franco Maria Nardini, Cristina Muntean: 11:00-11:30, Exploiting User Generated Content for Tourism

Coffee Break: 11:30-12:00

Session 2: Distributed Systems & Cloud
Massimo Coppola, Gaetano Anastasi: 12:00 12:30, QoS Resource Management for Cloud Federation
Patrizio Dazzi, Ranieri Baraglia: 12:30:13:00, Advanced Overlay Networks
Emanuele Carlini, Laura Ricci: 13:00-13:30, From P2P to Distributed Graph Processing

Lunch: 13:30-14:30

Session 3: IR Efficiency & Data Structures
Nicola Tonellotto, 14:30-15:00, Adaptive query processing in Web Search
Giuseppe Ottaviano, Rossano Venturini: 15:00-15:30, Partitioned Elias-Fano indexes

Coffee Break: 15:30-16:00
Panel: 16:00-17:00

20:00 to early morning Luminara di San Ranieri

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