Dexter – an open source framework for entity linking

By admin | March 2, 2015

Topic: Web Mining
Speaker: Diego Ceccarelli

We introduce Dexter, an open source framework for entity linking. The entity linking task aims at identifying all the small text fragments in a document referring to an entity contained in a given knowledge base, e.g., Wikipedia. The annotation is usually organized in three tasks. Given an input document the first task consists in discovering the fragments that could refer to an entity. Since a mention could refer to multiple entities, it is necessary to perform a disambiguation step, where the correct entity is selected among the candidates. Finally, discovered entities are ranked by some measure of relevance. The talk would be mainly technical: I’ll provide a brief introduction to the task, and then I’ll show how Dexter is implemented and how to use/extend it.

Please find more details about Dexter here:

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